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Pavilions - Celebrating the wonders of the world

Cultures from around the world at the themed pavilions will take you to different lands of wonder. Travel the world at a one-stop destination with over 80 cultures represented by 26 pavilions, and shop at bustling bazaars, enjoy cultural performances, indulge in national cuisines, and connect with people of different nationalities.

General Highlights

Each pavilion reflects the regional ambience of the country they represent through local arts and crafts, national foods, cultural entertainment and native products. It's like a world tour in one night!

Cultural Shows

There’s always something cool going on in every pavilion at Global Village! With amazing folk performances full of infectious energy and stirring music, guests can witness different cultures first-hand.


From stalls to boutiques, discover the best shopping experience at Global Village. It’s that unique combination of browsing, handpicking and haggling where guests are spoilt for choice between items like antiques, handicrafts, furniture, silk dresses, jewellery, artworks, skincare products, and much more.


Watch local craftsmen showcase their intricate skill and technique as they hand-weave fabric, carve wood for furniture, handcraft shoes and detail fine pieces of jewelry and souvenirs. You can also shop for these wonderful artisanal pieces that come to life in front of your eyes.


Experience mouth watering aromas from the hustling and bustling food stalls, sacks of vibrant spices, herbs, dry fruits, and so much more. Here you'll find high-quality saffron strands at local prices, candies nuts, locally sourced honey & oils, blended aromatic tea and coffee beans - and yes, you can sample before you buy.

Get ready for a taste of the whole world!

Selfie Spots

Visit Global Village and brighten your feed! Jazzed up with splashes of colour, architecture, and something to see at every corner, we've curated the best scenarios to get that perfect shot. From iconic bridges to characters to strike a pose with, it's all here!