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Dining - Wonder you can taste

From the familiar to the fancy, taste cuisines from around the world with the 200+ restaurants, cafes, and street food options. Spanning authentic bites, food for the Gram, and global concepts that haven’t been seen anywhere else in the region, you’re in for a culinary experience unlike any other.


Looking for a little sit-down time? The restaurants at Global Village are the perfect place to kick back and enjoy authentic food and atmosphere. Where will you go for dinner?


Think you know coffee? Get ready to be wowed. Serving up cold brews, lattes, cakes, toasties, and more, our specialty cafes excel when it comes to Instagrammable treats and offer great coffee with a view!

Street Food

Eat your way around the world with delicious street eats from Turkey, Tokyo, Italy and beyond!

A few that top the hit list are the pizza in a cone, steamed dumplings, doner kebas, and a seriously upgraded hot dog. Prepare your stomach for utmost satisfaction – these are the street food eats you just cannot miss out on.

Indian Chaat Bazaar

Reflecting the hustle and bustle of the rustic old-world bazaars, the Chaat Bazaar brings in a twist of flavours from sweet and spicy to tangy and savoury. The samosas, dosas and the spicy grilled sandwiches should have your tastebuds intrigued.

Floating Market

An Asian culinary haven, the baos, bites, bowls and barbecue plates are creative and very cool at the Floating Market. Find oodles of seafood dishes, steaming bowls of Indonesian ramen, Vietnamese pho, Malaysian spicy grills and Korean dumplings.

Happiness Street

The food at Happiness Street will bring bright smiles to faces for this street is sure to make bellies very happy! Brining quirky twists to popular staples, the food here is a must-try. From Mac & Cheese with crunchy firey Cheetos, dynamite shrimps with oodles of cheese, heavily loaded potatoes, and 60 cm slices of pizza, you'll leave happily satisfied.

Fiesta Street

Join the joyful street food celebration at Fiesta Street! Here you’ll find some of our most mouthwatering street food concepts serving dishes like toasted chicken sandwiches and loaded fries to creamy risottos and baklava frappes!

Railway Market

Inspired by the famous Maeklong Railway Market in Bangkok, Thailand, this specialty dining concept promises you a sweet experience. A paradise for everyone with a sweet tooth, you’ll feel like a kid in a candy store among the variety of sweets, cakes, pastries, chocolates, ice creams, and desserts available!