fbpx Get ready for adventure! The Wonderers have arrived in Global Village for Season 26 | Global Village

Get ready for adventure! The Wonderers have arrived in Global Village for Season 26


Global Village has welcomed some very special new members of their family who arrived by airship on Friday.


Dubai, UAE, 30 October 2021: Global Village, the UAE and wider region’s leading multicultural family destination for culture, shopping, and entertainment, welcomed some new members of the family during the Season 26 opening event on October 29. The new Global Village characters are collectively known as “The Wonderers”.

Waleef and Zoya were greeted by everyone’s favourite friend, Ozka, as they touched down at Global Village in their massive airship. They arrived just in time to star in the premiere of their brand new stage show The Legend Of The Staff.

Waleef and his friends performed to a packed audience and received tumultuous applause at the end of the 27 minute show. Waleef has come a long way from his Arabian Wolf origins. He is now an accomplished adventurer who travels the globe with his best friends Zoya, the sassy “catizen” of the world and Ozka, the fun loving Quokka. The beautiful steampunk falcon, Aiyah, also made her debut appearance on the Global Village mainstage. Guests can catch the show every night except Tuesday throughout the season.

Jaki Ellenby, Executive Director of Marketing and Events at Global Village said: “We were thrilled to welcome The Wonderers to Global Village and are delighted that their show was such a success. These characters represent everything that Global Village is about so it’s very fitting that they have decided to make Global Village their permanent home. We, like them, have an innate curiosity about the many wonders of our world and love to share these discoveries with our guests here in Dubai. Waleef is also keen to raise awareness about the plight of his Arabian Wolf cousins, now extinct in the UAE and an endangered species across the region”

To commemorate their arrival the new fountain in Fireworks avenue is now home to 3 magnificent golden statues of The Wonderers. Guests can also watch the original Wonders of Waleef animated pilot episode on the Global Village YouTube channel, website, app, or at the Kids Theatre most nights of the season. The introduction of Augmented Reality (AR) on both the app and the mobile website also allows guests to experience these incredible characters in the comfort of their own home or better yet for a particularly fun photo opp at the Park.