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Treat your tastebuds to dining experiences from every corner of the globe with the 200+ restaurants, cafes, and street food options at Global Village. Spanning authentic bites, food for the Gram, and concepts that haven’t been seen anywhere else in the region, you’re in for a foodie experience unlike any other.

Speciality concepts

If you’re looking for the best street food options in Dubai, you’ve found them! From savoury Asian bites and fresh, juicy fruits to spicy street snacks and sweet desserts, treat your tastebuds to a wide variety of flavours across our speciality concepts.

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The hotdogs at #MyHotDog are a must-have! They offer a range of filling hotdogs, and some come with an exuberant amount of toppings.

A5 burgers

Oh yes, it’s all about the burgers! Dig into fresh, delicious and unique beef burgers at A5 burgers.

Al Amoor

Your pass to Egypt! Relish the exquisite tastes of Egyptian cuisine where every bite is loaded with exotic flavors.