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Global Village guests are asked to respect all precautionary measures to protect themselves and others. Global Village reserves the right to ask anyone endangering the comfort of other guests to leave the park.

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Happiness Street


If there’s one thing food does, it makes us happy. In honour of that, we are officially renaming Kiosk Street to Happiness Street. Featuring popular staples like mac & cheese Cheetos, dynamite shrimps, loaded potatoes, and 60 cm slices of pizza, taste happiness with every bite from any of the various food options.

محمد الظاهري 10 Apr 2021

في ازدحام خفيف ولكن يستاهل التعب

safa s 10 Apr 2021

It was good just better social distancing would be nice

Fares Badawieh 10 Apr 2021

My HotDog It’s Really Delicious

Essa Asafi 10 Apr 2021

جميع الاكلات فيها جيده و لذيذه

Bin A7med 09 Apr 2021

بالفعل شارع السعاده لانكم اسعدتونا

rabih g 06 Apr 2021

Best venue to visit in Global Village.


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