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Global Village guests are asked to respect all precautionary measures to protect themselves and others. Global Village reserves the right to ask anyone endangering the comfort of other guests to leave the park.

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Fiesta Street


The newest speciality dining concept at Global Village, Fiesta Street starts from the popular toasted chicken sandwiches kiosk, Chiki, and runs parallelly alongside Celebration Walk.

Here, you’ll find some of our most mouthwatering street food concepts serving dishes like Baklava Frappuccino at CERVO Café, loaded Steak With Fries at STEAK, shrimp/chicken/mushroom Italian-style risottos from Perfetto, and more. 

Jasim Alzaabi 10 Apr 2021

شكرا لكم

Fatima Alattas 07 Apr 2021

وايد حلو ومرتب


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