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Exquisite Gifts from Global Village Your Friends and Family Will Love

Dec 15, 2021| by admin

From a picky sibling to your wellness-obsessed partner, your design-loving best friend, and anyone in between, what could you get all your beloved people this festive season? Our gift guide is here to the rescue!

Global Village makes shopping fun and easy because it's filled with thoughtful gifts for everyone, all in one place. So, before you spend endless hours searching for family gifts, scan through our gift guide with a variety of articles to surprise your loved ones, painstakingly picked to make festive shopping easier for you this year!


Gifts That Are Sure to Warm Mum's Heart
Your mum has always been there for you, so she deserves to be spoilt with every chance you get with a gift that's just as unique as she is. Getting a gift from you is sweet enough, but making sure that it's something that she will find useful, exciting, and a special treat? Now that's the tough part. Here are some suggestions to show her just how much you care.

Scarves from Kurdistan at Russia Pavilion

Scarves from Kurdistan at Russia Pavilion: Who can say no to elegant silk or a cozy wool scarf? Whether outdoors in breezy winter or indoors with a cup of tea, your mama is sure to use these scarves in every season.


Handmade Coffee Set at Egypt Pavilion

Handmade Coffee Set at Egypt Pavilion: Why not make it a family occasion and gather everyone for coffee, tea, or even hot chocolate, serve whatever you like in these beautiful handmade cups?


Accessories at Europe Pavilion

Accessories at Europe Pavilion: Hand-crafted and designed in Spain, these unique scarves and gemstone jewelry make the perfect gifts for mom.


Italian Stoneware at Europe Pavilion

Italian Stoneware at Europe Pavilion: A pretty dish is an easy way to add more style (and utility!) to the kitchen.


Funky Salad Servers at Lebanon Pavilion

Funky Salad Servers at Lebanon Pavilion: Give the avid cook in your life one of these unique salad servers that they can bring out for every dinner party.


Dishes from Uzbekistan at Russia Pavilion

Dishes from Uzbekistan at Russia Pavilion: If your mom loves to host, these durable porcelain dishes will withstand steaming hot recipes and classic household favorites.


Gifts for Dad That He's Sure to Love
The festive season is a time when you should pull out all the stops for the people you love most, including the big man who has been there for you since forever. Stumped for gift ideas for dad? Scroll on! We've got you!

Leather Chess Set from Kazakhstan at Russia Pavilion

Leather Chess Set from Kazakhstan at Russia Pavilion: What is the best family activity on a weekend evening? Get everyone involved in a thrilling game with a beautiful custom-made chess set.


Traditional Arabic Board Games at Syria Pavilion

Traditional Arabic Board Games at Syria Pavilion: Oldies but goldies, these board games can be played with kids and adults of different ages and don’t get any less enjoyable with time. Turn it into a festive tradition for the whole family!


Barbecue Set from Armenia at Russia Pavilion

Barbecue Set from Armenia at Russia Pavilion: From your backyard to your kitchen counter, a BBQ set is a useful addition this festive season.


Festive Cushions at India Pavilion

Festive Cushions at India Pavilion: Does your Dad love to chill out? Make him comfy with some unusual cushions for his sofa!


Family Tree at Europe Pavilion

Family Tree at Europe Pavilion: Get this beautiful personalized wooden crafted family tree for your dad.


Best Gifts for Friends to Celebrate Your One-of-a-Kind Bond
Your friends have been there for you during all of life's highs and lows. This festive season, say thank you with a special gift. Check out our recommendations below of special things to shop in Global Village, from handcrafted goods to stylish accessories to art-inspired home products. These creative gifts will surely get you on Santa's nice list this year!

Nintendo Game Boy at Japan Pavilion: Treat your friends to a blast from the past with iconic gaming consoles, Nintendo Game Boy games, and rare collectibles for a unique gift that will bring nostalgia and joy.


Arabic Sweets at Syria Pavilion

Arabic Sweets at Syria Pavilion: Gift your sweet ones a selection of sweet temptations from a delicious array of Arabic sweets like Kunafa, Baklava, Ma’amoul, Basbousa, and Kanafeh.


Bath Bombs at Russia Pavilion

Bath Bombs at Russia Pavilion: These bath bombs are just the best stress busters your friend needs for a self-care ritual at home.


Customized Mugs at Americas and Lebanon Pavilion

Customized Mugs at Americas and Lebanon Pavilion: Sipping on a hot coffee is definitely one of the finer things in life. Show your love with a unique mug, personalized just the way your friend would love!


Gifts and Stocking-stuffers Your Kids Will Love
Nothing is more heartwarming than seeing your kid's face light up when they rip open their Christmas presents. Whether it's to reward your special boy/girl for just being pure awesome or you want to surprise your adorable baby cousin, these gifts from Global Village are some of the coolest Christmas gifts any child could wish for this year.


K-Pop Collectibles at Korea Pavilion

K-Pop Collectibles at Korea Pavilion: Your tween always has her finger on the pulse, so obviously, she's been a fan of BTS long before everyone else. Gift her a collectible that she will cherish forever.


Anime Socks at Japan Pavilion

Anime Socks at Japan Pavilion: With socks this cool, they'll want to wear them all year-round.

Plush Hot Water Bottle at Japan Pavilion: Next time the kids feel under the weather, they can hug one of these cute plush hot water bottles for instant comfort.


PJs at China Pavilion

PJs at China Pavilion: Cute patterns aside, the lightweight and breathable material make for a cosy and comfortable night's sleep — all 365 days of the year.

Fidget Toys at Thailand Pavilion: Pop fidget toys are a trendsetter this year! The kids love trading them, collecting them, and popping the bubbles simply. The handy pack comes in poppers of different colors, so your kids can share with their besties.


Gifts for Her (Even if She's the Woman Who Has Everything)
When it comes to buying the perfect gift for her, be it your wife, sister, or any other leading lady in your life, it’s worth giving your choice some real thought. There is no question that the ladies in your life deserve the best, no matter the occasion. When it’s time to find the perfect gift for her, nothing seems as precious as she is. But check these gifts out!

Slippers from Kyrgyzstan at Russia Pavilion

Slippers from Kyrgyzstan at Russia Pavilion: Cosy slippers are a must-have for the festive season, especially when they're this soft and stylish.


K-Beauty Products at South Korea Pavilion

K-Beauty Products at South Korea Pavilion: If she's adding the newest, trendiest beauty products to her collection, gift her an assortment of Korean skincare to try.


Customized Bracelets at Americas Pavilion

Customized Bracelets at Americas Pavilion: Add her initials to this bracelet, spell out an important word, or add the initials of other family members (maybe yours?).


Art Pieces at Iraq and Syria Pavilion

Art Pieces at Iraq and Syria Pavilion: These paintings make a stunning addition to any gallery wall or even as a standalone piece, and they come in a variety of sizes and themes.


Hippo Bowls at Africa Pavilion

Hippo Bowls at Africa Pavilion: Make mealtimes and celebrations extra special by serving your favorite dips and appetizers in gorgeous handmade Hippo bowls. She is bound to love them on her table!


Hand-crafted accessories at Lebanon Pavilion

Hand-crafted accessories at Lebanon Pavilion: Head to the Lebanon Pavilion for beautiful and unique pieces from Paco’s Creation. An extra special gift for your extra special lady.


Gifts for Him That Are Perfect for Any Occasion
Husband, brother, buddy, colleague, son, boss – no matter who this man is in your life, shopping for him is easier said than done. Even if he's made the bold claim that he already has everything he could ever want, these gifts will make him smile from ear to ear. That's the goal, isn't it?

Live Portrait Caricatures: Want a gift that will make him go "aww"? Take a cute photo of him to one of the live artists at Global Village, where they will create a custom portrait just for him.

Massagers at China Pavilion: These back and neck massagers can be adjusted to different intensity levels to take his everyday stress away.

Perfumes at Kuwait Pavilion: Fragrances have to be one of the most versatile gifts you can buy. They instantly transport us to another time and place, reminding us of a memory or a loved one in a way so few other gifts can.


Kenkoh Sandals at Japan Pavilion

Kenkoh Sandals at Japan Pavilion: You won’t regret picking these original Japanese massage and reflexology sandals for him that is clinically proven to relieve foot pain and provide arch support.


Shoes at Lebanon Pavilion

Shoes at Lebanon Pavilion: Best for the days when dress shoes or sneakers don't quite cut it, these cosy-casual sneakers give him the elevated look he wants without sacrificing comfort.


Leather wallets at Europe Pavilion

Leather wallets at Europe Pavilion: Beautiful Italian-designed leather wallets in unusual colours will bring a smile to his face every time he uses it.


So, let’s get shopping! Visit Global Village today and pick up gifts from a list of special mementos that will bring immense joy and bright smiles to your loved ones this festive season.

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