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The Mystery of the Golden Rock


An exciting adventure specially designed to appear on the Kids’ Theatre stage celebrates the storytelling of the Middle East. Ozka convinces Waleef and Zoya to venture with him to Giza to try and uncover the Mystery of the Golden Rock. But all is not as it seems. Will they uncover the mystery? Will Croak succeed in buying the staff? Will good triumph over evil? All will be revealed in The Wonderers adventure!

Show timings might alter or change without prior notice  

Salem Alsaedi 25 Feb 2024

Alaa Younes 12 Nov 2023

mohammed Shahid 20 Oct 2023

بدر الكثيري 25 Feb 2023

maya muhamed 14 Jan 2023

Khaled Rashad 16 Dec 2022

Great show