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Merry Go Round



Step into a world of wonder with Merry-Go-Round, a mesmerizing circus show centered around a stunning carousel. Traditional acts like jugglers, acrobats, fire breathers, unicyclists, penny farthing riders, and strongmen will leave you breathless. Each performer is a remarkable spectacle in this dynamic, vibrant, and high-energy carousel of circus artistry. Join us for a night of magic, excitement, and unmatched entertainment at Merry-Go-Round!

  • Main stage
    28/11/2023  19:10
  • Main stage
    28/11/2023  21:00
Anonymous 17 Nov 2023

Anonymous 04 Nov 2023

Quite repetitive, dull and boring compared to most of the stage shows ive seen

Abeer Almasri 29 Oct 2023