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Discover one of the oldest civilisations on Earth at the Egypt Pavilion. Browse the 70+ stores and shop for interesting artefacts, handicrafts, carved copper, antiques, cotton clothes, traditional Egyptian dresses (Jalabiya) and costumes all reminiscent of Egypt’s culture and traditions.


Ancient Museum
Egypt is one of the richest historical treasure houses on Earth and the Egypt pavilion at Global Village reflects this richness. A museum at the Pavilion showcases these mind-blowing treasures, with every single object telling a story of its own.

The museum displays an extensive collection of ancient Egyptian artifacts spanning from prehistory to the Graeco-Roman period. Splendid statues of the great kings - Tutankhaten, commonly known as King Tut, and Khufu, Khafre, and Menkaure, the builders of the pyramids at the Giza plateau, are put on view in the museum.

A treasure trove of history with coffins, mummies, and priceless artifacts, there will be no shortage of antiquities transporting you to the ancient lands of Egypt that symbolise age-old concepts of humankind. Take a look at some unbelievable art while soaking up the ancient mysteries of Egypt.

  • Suggested duration: 1 Hour

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