We are expecting high volume over the National Day Holiday. We strongly recommend you buy your tickets online.


For UAE National Day Celebrations, Thursday and Friday will be exclusively for families and ladies. For further info, please follow us on social media or call us on +971 4 362 4114

Important Information:

For the comfort and wellbeing of all our guests we have implemented comprehensive precautionary measures across the Park. Social distancing and masks are obligatory and thermal screening is in effect at all entries. We recommend that you purchase Park and attraction tickets online for the best experience possible.

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From a one-of-a-kind kids-only fun zone to heart-pumping strategy experiences, you’re in for an unforgettable time.

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All the kiddie fun, all in one place! Season 25 is bringing a custom-made massive inflatable park for the children and teenagers to play in.

  • Carnaval
  • Kids
  • AED 15 per person

There’s an outbreak! Zombies are everywhere! Can you and your team beat back the tide and stop the spread?

  • Carnaval
  • Adults
  • AED 45 per person

Test your marksmanship! Start off easy with near-distance targets and build your way up to higher levels of difficulty to hone your accuracy.

  • Carnaval
  • Adults
  • AED 25 per person