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New Wonder from around the world starting from 26 October 2021

A world of record-breaking wonders

We wanted to make our Silver Jubilee Season one for the books... like the Guinness Book of World Records! Over the course of Season 25, we’ll be attempting to set 25 different Guinness World Records. From the largest admission ticket to the largest virtual concert in history, visit Global Village for your chance to be a part of this epic celebration!

1. Most videos in a music medley video


Achieved: 30 October 2020

For our opening concert, we invited Rockin'1000, the largest rock band on earth, and blew the lid off the Internet while setting a world record for Global Gig. Musicians and singers from over 80 different countries around the world joined us for this epic virtual concert. We are grateful for the support of our partners Arabian Radio Network, Emirates, and Jumeirah Beach Hotel.

2. Most LED lights on a car


Achieved: 11 November 2020

For this very special record, Global Village brought back one of its stunt cars from Season 24’s highly successful ‘Stunt Show Survivor’. The car has a total of 37,671 LED lights, surpassing the previously set record of 6,000 by more than 31,000 LED lights. The entire process took eight hours to verify!

3. Largest bottle cap sentence


Achieved: 2 December 2020

As part of our UAE National Day celebrations, Global Village broke the world record for the largest bottle cap sentence in partnership with Aquafina. Using 14,279 caps, we spelled عيشي بلادي, the name and first lyric of the UAE’s national anthem, which means ‘Long Live My Country’. The art installation was proudly displayed on the wall of the Main Stage during the celebrations and the caps will be donated to "Dgrade" for wheelchair parts.

4. Largest flag number


Achieved: 3 December 2020

Showcased as part of our seven-art installation for the UAE’s 49th National Day, this piece of art featured 1,096 miniature flags that were carefully placed to create the number 49 as the Guinness World Record for the Largest Flag Number. A delightful addition to the National Day celebrations!

5. Largest ticket mosaic (flag)


Achieved: 4 December 2020

As the third and final UAE National Day celebrations record, a 50.2 sqm UAE flag was made entirely of Global Village entry tickets, in the four colors of the flag. Showcased at the Gate of the World, the mosaic was created using more than 9,200 tickets!

6. Largest admission ticket


Achieved: 10 December 2020

Claiming a record that hasn’t been broken in five years, Global Village swept the title of Largest Admission Ticket with a 1.02 sqm entry ticket. The use of a big-ticket like this asked for an equally epic guest – one who stood 2.7 meters tall! The ticket marks a record and a milestone by being a replica of this season’s Limited Edition Silver Ticket, a special memento that celebrates Global Village’s Silver Jubilee. The record-breaking entry ticket is now on display in the Park’s Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Museum for the rest of Season 25.

7. Largest Online Video Chain of People Drinking and Passing a Drink


Achieved: 21 December 2020

Nothing says it’s winter like a delicious mug of hot chocolate, the perfect drink for another December record! Beating the previous record by 190, a total of 444 people enjoyed the delightful drink on video from the comfort of their home, virtually passing it on to the next person.

8. Most Letters To Santa Collected in 24 Hours


Achieved: 18 December 2020

Ho ho ho! This Christmas, Santa Claus felt the love as more than 2,000 letters were written to him by Global Village guests in just one day, breaking the four-year-held record by The Education University of Hong Kong. To celebrate, Santa Claus chose 25 of his favourite letters and surprised the little writers with amazing gifts and festive surprises. What a wonderful time of the year!

9. Largest Underwater Mesh Screen


Achieved: 31 December 2020

Committed to creating a night to remember, Global Village broke another Guinness World Record on New Year’s Eve with the Largest Underwater Mesh Screen. The screen, which was placed in the Global Village Lake beside Celebration Walk, measured more than 5,000 sqm and displayed a stunning 223,000 pixels. In the final seconds of 2020, visitors gathered around as the screen showed the end-of-the-year count down, delighting all with its multi-coloured show.

10. Largest Picnic Table


Achieved: 6 January 2021

What better way to set the tone for the New Year than with a new world record in the first week? On January 6, we set the record for the largest picnic table in the world. Standing 4 meters tall and measuring 2.9 by 5.5 meters, it took 16 people a total of six days and 20 hours to complete.

11. Longest Line of Mandi


Achieved: 31 January 2021

In partnership with Maraheb restaurant, Global Village successfully created the longest line of Mandi meals at the end of January. The restaurant is well-known for its specialty in Mandi dishes and served up over 4,000 plates of the flavourful Yemeni meal. The table stretched from the Africa Pavilion to the Carnaval area, set up in the path between the Floating Market and restaurants.

12. Largest Display of Mandi


Achieved: 31 January 2021

Alongside its record of creating the Longest Line of Mandi, Global Village also secured the title of the Largest Display of Mandi. Together with Maraheb restaurant, they plated 4,880 Mandi meals. Along with celebrating the record, Global Village also celebrated the community by donating all the meals to families in need across the UAE.

13. Most Awareness Ribbons Made In 1 Hour


Achieved: 4 February 2021

On World Cancer Day, a team of 23 people came together on Celebration Walk to attempt to break the record of the Most Awareness Ribbons Made In 1 Hour. With 1,589 ribbons made, the team successfully set Record 13! Global Village guests were encouraged to take the ribbons home to help spread more awareness of World Cancer Day.

14. Largest Stuffed Toy Mosaic

Achieved: 14 February 2021

To break the record of the Largest Stuffed Toy Mosaic, we created a heart this Valentine’s Day using more than 400 pieces of the famous Carnaval Bananas. Spanning 144.31 square meters, the mosaic was created near the main stage using the red Carnaval Bananas for the heart and yellow ones for its frame.

15. Most Beaded Bracelets Made In 1 Hour

Achieved: 15 February  2021

15 down, 10 to go! We’re more than halfway to our goal of breaking 25 world records in celebration of our Silver Jubilee. For our 15th record, we collaborated with the Africa pavilion to secure the title of Most Beaded Bracelets Made In 1 Hour! Finishing strong with 575 vibrant African bracelets, we used more than 10 beads featuring a variety of colours including the red, green, and black of the UAE flag as well as the colours of Africa - green, yellow, and red. You can buy these record-breaking accessories at the Africa pavilion.

16. Most People In A Video Relay Holding A Sign

Achieved: 4 March 2021

Breaking the record set last year in Saudi Arabia, Global Village secured the title of Most People In A Video Relay Holding A Sign, officially marking record 16 out of 25. Over 60 members of the Global Village family connected over a video call and held up a sign, asking: “I’m Vaccinated, Are You?” This Guinness World Record is in support of the UAE National Vaccination program, aiming to encourage vaccination among the public for a healthier, COVID-free UAE.

17. Largest Pin Badge Word: Happiness Street

Achieved: 20 March 2021

Global Village announced an honorary name-change of Kiosk Street through another successful Guinness World Record attempt. With the most spectacular international street food options in the region, Kiosk Street has long since been called Happiness Street by loyal guests, so Global Village decided to make it official on this year’s International Happiness Day. The new street sign is made up of over three thousand smiley-faced pin badges forming the words 'Happiness Street'. This insta-worthy street sign is officially the "Largest Pin Badge Word" in the world.

18. Largest Board Game: Snakes and Ladder

Achieved: 28 March 2021

Kids Fest is known for its giant board games and this year Global Village has claimed the "Largest Board Game – Snakes and Ladders" Guinness World Records Title with 95.63 square meter of the all-time favorite game available for young guests to enjoy during the festival that's happening from 28th March to 10th April.

19. Most donuts around a car driving on two wheels in one minute

Achieved: 30 March 2021

Taking place on the scene of our popular Mission Speed stunt show, our skilled drivers, Christian Diaz Garcia and Kevin Muttscall, delighted everyone with their masterful maneuvering as they spun around one another on two wheels, officially achieving the record with 12 spins.

20. Most consecutive donuts in a car on a wet surface

Achieved: 30 March 2021

Adding another level of thrill to our adrenaline-packed Mission Speed stunt show, Global Village successfully achieved the record for “Most consecutive donuts in a car on a wet surface” with 62 spins.

The man behind the wheel, Andrea Ponticelle, is part of the talented Mission Speed stunt show and left the audience in awe by achieving the record in his first attempt.

21. Most nationalities waving simultaneously

Achieved: 4 March 2021

After vaccinating all Global Village staff, we are now closing in on a 100% immunisation rate with our partners who span over 4,000 individuals across more than 80 nationalities. In a show of thanks, representatives of 65 different nationalities came together at the vaccination drive to wave together, earning us the record of “Most nationalities waving simultaneously”.

22. Most nationalities on a theme park ride

Achieved: 10 April 2021

If there’s one thing Global Village is known for, it’s bringing peoples of the world together. In line with that, 73 guests from 73 countries had a record-breaking ride in The Wheel of The World. Global Village, in partnership with the Arabian Radio Network (ARN) secured the title of “Most nationalities on a theme park ride”. Participants enjoyed a panoramic view of Global Village on their ride and were gifted Limited Edition Silver Tickets.

23. Mosaic with 2,500 Lanterns

Achieved: 27 April 2021

During the holy month of Ramadan, we dedicated our 23rd record to the 100 million meals initiative launched by the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Global Initiatives foundation. The 2,500 lanterns were given to guests who were also encouraged to donate to the cause which aims to provide disadvantaged communities across the Middle East with food parcels and empower less fortunate people to prepare their own meals throughout Ramadan. To donate visit sharethemeal.org

24. Longest Cartoon Strip “Individual”

Achieved: 29 April 2021

We claimed our 24th Record with the World’s longest cartoon strip at an incredible 404.417 meters! It took the talented artist from the Indian Pavilion 3 months to create and tells the story of our 25th season through the eyes of a young boy.