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Kids' Circus


From thrills and spills to the big-top ins, experience the upbeat energy of Kids Circus.

Enjoy a fun-packed, super-skilled, circus production – featuring our Colombian Circus Superstars. This is a not-to-be-missed opportunity to witness some amazing talent, get up close, and personal in our awesome Kids’ Theatre venue!

  • Kids Theatre
  • All Ages
  • Cost - Free
  • Kids' Theatre
    10/04/2021  17:30
  • Kids' Theatre
    10/04/2021  21:25
Abir ElHajj 08 Apr 2021

Some parts of the show were slow/not interesting for kids... The last part with the joggler and bicycle was impressive.. The show looks like beginners level

ELIAS Tannous 08 Apr 2021

Hard working show men trying to make kids happy


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