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Aqua Action! Stunt Show


Seatbelts on? Are you ready for the ride of your life? The region’s only water-based stunt show is back and it's bigger and better so get ready to get wet and wild! Combining new fire effects, street bikes, LED fly-board suits and a giant monster truck Aqua Action promises full-throttle family fun! Jam-packed with explosions, drifting, back-flipping bikes, and precision driving, get ready for some insane car flips, jet-ski stunts, and fly-board action. Just don't forget your umbrella! And if you want to really live it up, the best seats in the house aka Premium Star Seats are available for just AED 45 online (AED 50 at the ticket counter).

Daily shows except for Mondays.

  • Stunt
    08/02/2023  18:40
  • Stunt
    08/02/2023  20:10
  • Stunt
    08/02/2023  21:40
Anonymous 21 Jan 2023

تجربة رائعة بمعنى الكلمة

Mohamed Alali 15 Jan 2023

More than amazing اكثر من رائع

Priscilla Mok 08 Jan 2023

Anonymous 30 Dec 2022

شكرا على كل شيء

Anonymous 29 Dec 2022

Absolutely fantastic! My three kids loved every second of it!

Urooj Husain 27 Dec 2022


Anonymous 24 Dec 2022


Anonymous 21 Dec 2022

Mariam Jussab 17 Dec 2022

absolutely amazing.

Aisha Alrumaithy 16 Dec 2022

Aisha Mohammed daiboosh 16 Dec 2022

حبيت كل سنه في تجديد وتغير مشوقه وحلوه للاطفال والكبار

Anonymous 15 Dec 2022

It was soo good! totally got me hooked!

Anonymous 15 Dec 2022

Ummm,,, not so good.

saeedeh abbasi 09 Dec 2022

you must see it!they are super-professional. fabulous driving acts in small area!

Youseef mjawaz 05 Dec 2022

الصراحة جدا جدا حلوة

Saaqib Ahmed 02 Dec 2022

Abhilash Viswanath 30 Nov 2022


khalfan harasi 30 Nov 2022

خسراااان الي ما يدخل هذي العرض صرااااحة لا تعليق... وااااو

Yassmin Ahmed 27 Nov 2022

العرض حلو اوي واكيد هدخل تاني

Gilbert Haddad 25 Nov 2022

Amazing show from start to finish

محمد الحبسي 23 Nov 2022

عروض خيالي

Anonymous 20 Nov 2022

التذاكر المميزة نفس العادية لايوجد فرق المبلغ مبالغ فيه ولايوجد اي تمييز

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