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Rewards for recycling!


Going green is fun and at Global Village, we’re helping to educate kids and reward them when they recycle plastic bottles or cans. For each empty can or plastic bottle they drop into the funky recycling machine (instead of into the trash or worse on the floor), they’ll receive 5 wonder points* to use on selected rides at Carnaval. For just 2 bottles or cans, your little one can get a free ride*!


Wonder Points are valid at:


Arabian Horses | 10 Points (2 bottles/cans)
You’ve heard about the famous Arabian horses, but have you ever ridden one?


Seven Sea Pirate | 10 Points (2 bottles/cans)
Ahoy, Matey! Take a spin across the seven seas in this fun compact roller coaster ride.


Swiss Swing | 10 Points (2 bottles/cans)
Our Swiss Swing is a smaller version of the Shang High ride that offers an enjoyable, mellow ride for the little ones.


Bahrain Merhana | 10 Points (2 bottles/cans)
Swing with joy in this happy, breezy ride that can be enjoyed by both children and adults alike.


California Highway | 10 Points (2 bottles/cans)
Bouncing up and down to mimic riding the sloping hills of California, this ride keeps kids giggling throughout.


Thai Twist | 10 Points (2 bottles/cans)
A mellower, yet equally enjoyable, version of the Global Burj, let loose your scream in this twisty, 17-metre ride.


Cuban Dance | 10 Points (2 bottles/cans)
Enjoy being spun sideways in a rhythmic Cuban dance motion in this themed ride – suitable for the entire family.


Holland Wind Wheel | 10 Points (2 bottles/cans)
Our Holland Wind Wheel with six balloon-themed cabins offers amazing views of a Ferris Wheel ride - perfect for the little ones


Beijing Bungee | 20 Points (2 bottles/cans)
Combines the thrill and fun of bungee jumping and trampolining to bring an unforgettable experience for every child.


Spania Boat | 10 Points (2 bottles/cans)
Swing sideways - higher and higher - as the Spanish would do aboard our Spania Boat.


Texas Track | 10 Points (2 bottles/cans)
A beautiful rodeo-themed rollercoaster where your little ones can choose their ride - from a glamourous Formula 1 car to a utility jeep.


Mumbai Xpress | 15 Points (3 bottles/cans)
All aboard for an exciting, spinning roller coaster ride!


Mexican Balloons | 10 Points (2 bottles/cans)
A themed ride that will lift you up and spin you around silly. Ready for some fun?



Terms & Conditions:

  • The points collected from the recycling machine cannot be combined or added to your existing Wonder Pass. For example, if you have collected a coupon valued at 6 points and have an existing Wonder Pass with 4 points, you cannot combine them to make 10 points. They remain separate.
  • To redeem these points, simple head to the above listed rides and hand over the receipt to the ride attendant.
  • These points are valid till 2nd May 2021.

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