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A display for all ages, Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Museum is an ode to all things bizarre, intriguing, and fascinating. Dive deep into the curious nature of humanity and explore it through six unique galleries featuring over 220 exhibits, with more than 100 new additions, curated to mystify and delight the human mind. You’ll come across historical artefacts from around the world, engaging interactives, awe-inspiring art, and incredible tales untold of people and places from all corners of the globe. Whether you believe it or not, Ripley’s Museum will leave you with an experience you won’t soon forget!

Anonymous 07 Apr 2021

The final was just astonishing! Worth it to visit just to know what's at the end.

Akhil s Jayaram 06 Apr 2021


Robert Ripley’s Tribal / Jungle

The first stop in Ripley’s Believe It or Not! museum, this gallery is dedicated to a wild mix of personal artefacts collected by Robert Ripley, the founder of the museum. Among the over 220 rare and mesmerising artefacts, you’ll come face-to-face with shrunken heads, Chinese coin swords, a Japanese house shrine, and shadow art. Learn all about Ripley’s fascinating adventures around the world and the history behind each exhibit’s origins.

Suggested duration: 10 minutes

Human Oddities

Delve into the oddities of human nature in this next gallery where the exhibitions leave you wondering what the artists behind them were thinking. From a suit made of nine yards of cloth (enough to make three normal-sized suits) to minuscule sculptures that need a magnification of 400x to see, the displays in this exhibit are wondrous head-scratchers!

Suggested duration: 10 minutes

Ripley’s Warehouse

The Warehouse is where your disbelief and wonderment will be at their peak as you come across a 125 million year old coprolite (the scientific term for dinosaur dung!) as well as an 11-inch, true-to-size replica of a T-Rex tooth. There’s also the Bamboo Toothpick Capital, made of over 250,000 bamboo toothpicks! At each display, you’ll find your jaw dropping further and further.

Suggested duration: 10 minutes

Ripley’s American & Arabian

In his travels, Robert Ripley picked up quite a collection. Take a tour of his mementos with highlights including German Leather Money (from a time Germany had to resort to leather banknotes!), an Elvis Presley sculpture made from burnished steel, a toilet paper wedding dress, and a wooden Ferrari that can float! 

Suggested duration: 10 minutes

Magical Studio

From torture devices to brain teasers, the Magical Studio features an extensive collection of games and attractions that will keep your interest piqued. Would you have what it takes to bear the Iron Chair? What about the Iron Maiden? While you play around with that thought, take a crack at the Mystery Gate. Put those little gray cells to task and see if you can be the first to figure out how to open it!

Suggested duration: 10 minutes

Space Gallery

You started from the past but you’re now in the future. The final gallery displays attractions and collections from outer space, including an exhibit dedicated to the UAE’s very own space expedition. In this out-of-this-world journey, you’ll see NASA Space Patches that are used to commemorate space missions and you’ll even come across a replica of Skylab II, the very first US space station. At the end, head through the Vortex Tunnel for a first-hand experience of vertigo, what astronauts feel on their descent down to Earth.

Suggested duration: 10 minutes