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Global Village guests are asked to respect all precautionary measures to protect themselves and others. Global Village reserves the right to ask anyone endangering the comfort of other guests to leave the park.

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A treat for your taste buds At Global Village, we offer dining experiences from around the globe with over 200 restaurants & cafes and the largest street food selection in the region.

Speciality concepts

Explore our speciality dining concepts where you can treat yourself to authentic delicacies from across the world. From the Indian Chaat Bazaar to the Floating Market, Global Village caters to every palate.

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Al Farooj

Feel like a bite of authentic ‘Shawarma’, the region’s most popular ‘Broasted Chicken’ delicacy?

Al Garhood Traditional Kitchen


Al Haaj Bundoo Khan

Get a taste of authentic Pakistani cuisine at Al Haaj Bundoo Khan, where the menu includes signature biryanis (mutton and chicken), and famous Karachi gravy dishes made from recipes passed down thr