For UAE National Day Celebrations, Wednesday 2 December will be Family Day, exclusive for families and ladies. For further information, please follow us on our official social media channels or call us on +971 4 362 4114

Important Information:

For the comfort and wellbeing of all our guests we have implemented comprehensive precautionary measures across the Park. Social distancing and masks are obligatory and thermal screening is in effect at all entries. We recommend that you purchase Park and attraction tickets online for the best experience possible.

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Al Asalah Al Shamiah


Syrian cuisine is known for having a varied menu, using unique spices and herbs, and cooking in its traditional style and technique. Browse through their menu to find the most famous Syrian delicacies like Shakriye, Mulokhia, Dawod Basha, to name a few. Visit Al Asalah Al Shamiah for an authentic dining experience at Global Village.


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