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Global Village guests are asked to respect all precautionary measures to protect themselves and others. Global Village reserves the right to ask anyone endangering the comfort of other guests to leave the park.

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70s Cafe


You like croissants? You like doughnuts? So try a cronut! Swing by 70s Cafe for a treat and try their best-selling Spanish Latte with their speciality cronut.


Wafik Maher 11 Apr 2021

very good

Mushtaq Ahmed 11 Apr 2021


Abida kouser 11 Apr 2021

amazing place

Anwar Farid Qureshi 09 Apr 2021

great taste and quality

لينا قدوره 09 Apr 2021


Uday Desai 07 Apr 2021

Akhil s Jayaram 06 Apr 2021


Niyas Muhammed 06 Apr 2021



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