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The largest cup of karak tea


Global Village is set to break the Guinness World Records title on Thursday, January 25th for the largest cup of hot tea in the world in association with Emirates Culinary Guild, Aquafina and Lipton!
The tea cup has a height of 4.7 meters with a volume of 4,500 liters. The tea cup is on display at Global Village from 22nd January and guests can view it there till 1st of February 2018.

It will take 120 chefs several hours to make the 4,500 liters of Karak tea live at Global Village and all this tea will be served free with over 45,000 cups on offer to all our guests in Global Village. The ingredients used by the chefs to prepare 4,500 liters of Karak tea, in addition to the vast amounts of water, includes 155 Kg of Tea Powder, 300 Kg of Milk Powder, 380 Kg of Sugar, 7.5 Kg of Cloves, 155 kg of Ginger, 47 kg of Cinnamon stick, and 47 kg of Cardamom powder. All this brewed over several hours in much more than 4,500 liters of water to create the best possible and authentic taste.

Come join us on this day as we attempt to break the Guinness World Records of the Largest Karak Tea Cup. You can have as much karak tea as you want for free and better still, you can even bring your own teapot, flask, dallah or container of any size for more. Share the news with everyone and let’s together claim the title with 4500 liters of karak tea.

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