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During the 21st season, 30 pavilions will be representing cultures of over 75 countries at Global Village. For the first time, a Far East pavilion will be representing the countries of Japan, South Korea, Indonesia, and the Philippines. Also being represented for the first time is the Algeria pavilion, and the Eastern Europe pavilion representing Romania, Serbia, and the Ukraine. Furthermore the Jordanian pavilion will be returning from the 19th season.

Other participating pavilions include: UAE, Turkey, Jordan, Russia, The Americas, Pakistan, Italy, Lebanon, Palestine, Iran, Morocco, Thailand, Kuwait, Yemen, China, Africa, Spain, Afghanistan, Qatar, Bahrain, Germany, France, UK, KSA, India, Egypt and Syria pavilions, as well as Khalifa Foundation and Forsati.

Furthermore, new cultural landmarks have been added to all pavilion entrances in the Cultural Corners. This was done to highlight the most important features of the various countries as a means to enrich visitors’ cultural experience at Global Village.