India Pavilion

The Indian Pavilion is the largest pavilion at Global Village. With more than 300 stalls, exhibiting and selling the most authentic Indian products varying from cotton, silk, chiffon fabrics to traditional leather made sandals, handbags, wallets and accessories.
India is also known for its pashmina scarves and hand-woven items. Indian carpet exhibitors are also present to express Indian forms and shapes of hand-woven natural silk and fleece.

Table cloths, bed sheets, cushion covers and home accessories, embroidered or plain, silk or cotton, are displayed across the stalls to highlight Indian craftsmanship and fulfill the demand for such rare, reasonably priced aesthetic items.

Real Jewelry and gold are showcased at famous participating shops. Faux Bijous and accessories from bangles, rings, earrings, necklaces and endless glitters, are on display across various stands to complement any wardrobe collection.

Art is showcased in the form of hand carved wooden items, copper, decorative items and small wall paintings. Charms, whether it’s for fortune, energy or a lasting happy marriage, are displayed at large to express the essence of legendry Indian culture.