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Global Jetset

The Board

The giant board represents a map of the world’s continents; each continent is represented by a color.

Blue-North America

Purple -South America

Green– Europe

Yellow– Africa

Brown – Asia

Red – Australia

Game Hosts

Players will be welcomed onto the board by two game hosts.

  • The Captain – Main show host and umpire.
  • The Airhostess – Assistant host

Game Objective

Players must try and collect as many continent passport stamps as they can (total 6) and as many air miles as they can. Any player that visits all six continents and collects all six passport stamps wins outright, if no player gets all six colors the player with the most air miles wins.

Air Miles

By traveling between continents players collect air miles. If you travel to another continent over an ocean you collect 20,000 air miles. If you travel to another continent by traveling over land (borders) you collect 10,000 air miles.

Game Play

The game is played by throwing 2 dice. Dice 1 is the ‘Airport information’ dice and Dice 2  is the destination dice. Each player throws the information dice first to determine mode or way of travel (which can add or subtract miles) and then the second dice the destination dice that determines where player moves next (continent) on the board.

Airport Information Dice 1 (Thrown first)

Side 1 – FIRST CLASS – this adds 20,000 miles to destination flown.

Side 2- LOST LUGGAGE – this subtracts 10,000 miles to destination thrown.

Side 3 – UGRADE – this adds 10,000 miles to destination thrown.

Side 4 – FlIGHT CANCELATION – you must miss a turn and stay where you are. You also lose 20,000 miles

Slide 5 – Choose destination – allows you to go to continent of your choice with double air miles.

Slide 6 – Turbulence – this subtracts 10,000 miles to any destination thrown.

Destination Dice 2 (Thrown second)

If you throw the same destination that you are currently on, you stay where you are (miss a go)

Side 1 (Blue) – North America – If thrown travel to North America.

Side 2 (Purple) South America – If thrown travel to South America.

Side 3 (Green) Europe – if thrown travel to Europe

Side 4 (Brown) – Asia – if thrown travel to Asia.

Slide 5 (Yellow) – Africa – If thrown travel to Africa.

Slide 6 (Red) – Australia – If thrown travel to Australia.

Rules and regulations

  1. Up to six players to play in any one game.
  2. Participation is on a first come first serve basis.
  3. Each player will be given a different color suitcase as a play piece. (blue, green, brown, yellow, purple or red)
  4. Each player goes to the continent that matches the color of their suitcase.
  5. Each player automatically gets the passport stamp of their starting destination.
  6. By throwing the dice they progress around the board.
  7. Maximum six throws per player. After the last player has had sixth throw game is over.
  8. Any player who collects all six stamps wins immediately and game over.
  9. If no player collects all stamps after allotted throws player with most miles wins.
  10. The Captain’s decision is final and there is no do overs.
  11. Clear Trip terms and conditions apply.

Prizes and Giveaways

  • Each player is given a complimentary helium balloon.
  • If a player collects all six continents in one round, they win (outright) that game. The prize is a voucher from Clear Trip worth AED 5000.
  • In each game if the six continents are not visited by a single player the player who collects the most air miles wins. The prize a voucher from Clear Trip worth AED

Random on the spot vouchers for Clear Trip may be given out. This is at full discretion of show host and Global Village.

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